Bullet Necklace - Cedar

$58.00 USD


Product Description

I named this bullet necklace "Cedar" because the color of the agate reminded me of cedars during the summer months. Its not yellow nor green; depends on the reflection of light.
This bullet necklace pendant is stylish and contemporary.The neutral color of the polished agate stone seems to go with everything.
Agate stones are believed to be a protection stone, one that attracts strength and protect against stress. It's one of the oldest stone in recorded history.
This is a stunning bullet necklace that I know you'll enjoy wearing.

40 S&W shell casing
1-7/8"L x 3/8"W
20" Brass ball chain included
Gender friendly design

Bullet Necklace - Cedar Bullet Necklace - Cedar Bullet Necklace - Cedar

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